Friday, August 28, 2015


Growing up in Katarina's castle changed a boy named Ernesto into a cold-hearted creature who calls himself DeVante. But which came first, the monster or the man? DeVante's Curse is a 10,000 word companion story to the Vampire DeVante series.

Is this crazy, or what? I didn't even give you guys any warning on this one, just popped it right out there!

This is a lovely little story called DeVante's Curse: Katarina's Castle, and the ebook is for sale RIGHT NOW at Amazon for kindle and Smashwords (all formats) for the tiny little price of 99 cents. Less than a gas station cup of coffee, folks, and way less than a fancy drink at Starbucks, right?

You may remember I released a pretty rewrite of  DeVante's Children back in June (or you may not, since I started graduate school shortly after, and haven't had much time to spend doing promotion) - but Katarina is a nasty piece of work featured in DeVante's Children, and DeVante's Curse gives you a little more background of the history between DeVante and Kat. And lets you see more clearly how DeVante became the cold and distant sort of being that he is - and why his attachment to Emily is such a big deal. Because it is a big deal. A really big, huge deal (grin).

DeVante's Curse is an awesome story of transformation, and it's romantic and beautiful and, yes, somewhat tragic, but not like, in a bad way, although it doesn't have a traditional happy ending - more of a gothic it has to end this way, kind of ending. Okay? So go check it out. And if you enjoy it, remember how much reviews help us poor struggling authors (insert pleading smile here).

Have a great weekend, my darklings!


Saturday, August 1, 2015

SM Johnson ~ Love Letters - D is for Delightful

Being in grad school is amazing, energizing, and very, very BUSY (summer session, especially, I hope? Meaning that I'm hoping fall and spring will be less grueling - although I'll be doing an internship, so probably not, lol). I am terribly sad to neglect my blog and my writing peeps, but there doesn't seem to be much choice.

So I'm here this morning to give a quick shout out about an absolutely DELIGHTFUL book that I managed to read amongst all this busy-ness.

Play It Again, Charlie, by R. Cooper

This a slow burn, complicated, sweet romance. You can't rush through this one or you'll get lost. And that's not a criticism. It was agony to turn off my kindle and go do life. And anxiety to wait to get back to it. Just... so lovely. Such satisfaction.

Go. Read. Enjoy.

Monday, June 15, 2015

FYI - if you purchased the original DeVante's Children in paperback from Amazon, please note that DeVante's Children (Revamped) kindle edition is enrolled in Amazon's Matchbook program, which means you may download this new rewrite kindle edition for free!

If you purchased any previous edition of DeVante's Children and would like a complimentary copy of the new (and truly, much improved) edition, drop me a line at and I will send you a Smashwords coupon for a free download or email you a copy directly. This edition is so much more about getting it right than about making dollars.

There will be tweaks to DeVante's Coven (book 2, re-release next year, presuming grad school doesn't kill me first) but I don't believe the level of rewriting will be nearly as intense as it was for this book, so a re-purchase should not be as necessary (grin).