Monday, June 15, 2015

FYI - if you purchased the original DeVante's Children in paperback from Amazon, please note that DeVante's Children (Revamped) kindle edition is enrolled in Amazon's Matchbook program, which means you may download this new rewrite kindle edition for free!

If you purchased any previous edition of DeVante's Children and would like a complimentary copy of the new (and truly, much improved) edition, drop me a line at and I will send you a Smashwords coupon for a free download or email you a copy directly. This edition is so much more about getting it right than about making dollars.

There will be tweaks to DeVante's Coven (book 2, re-release next year, presuming grad school doesn't kill me first) but I don't believe the level of rewriting will be nearly as intense as it was for this book, so a re-purchase should not be as necessary (grin).

Sunday, June 14, 2015

SM Johnson ~ Love Letters ~ Cui Bono

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One of the most enlightening lessons I was ever taught, I was taught on purpose. It seems odd to me that I needed someone to teach it to me, but there you are. I was young, in high school; I was white, and I was a middle class kid whose every need was well and easily met, with little effort on my part. There were expectations, yeah - I had to work so I could pay for gas and insurance if I wanted to drive the car, and I had to maintain decent grades if I wanted to have an after school job. I didn't necessarily have to do much else, however, as far as chores and such, since going to school and making the grades was considered my primary "job." I had a curfew. I was expected to follow the rules. Not get arrested. Not get in trouble. I was fully expected to go to college and continue my middle class upbringing. Oh - there was also a sort of unspoken expectation that I was to marry well. Preferably above my current station.

So yeah, I needed some teaching.

And who better to teach me than a punk anarchist, my friend Jeremy, the inspiration for my book Jeremiah Quick.

There are some autobiographical bits buried in there, I do admit, although the story itself is by no means autobiographical.

Jeremy was somewhat astounded that a person could be seventeen years old and just simply accept everything she was told without thought, question, or investigation. Sometimes I'm a little astounded, too, and infinitely grateful that he challenged so many of my "beliefs" - that he taught me to follow the chain of 'who benefits?' as far as thought process analysis. This has become all the links in my chain of thinking, really - from news stories to well, almost everything.

Why do I have to see my doctor every three months? Oh, because I have a diagnosis of "diabetes" and the insurance company will PAY for me to see her every three months.

The thing is, in a capitalist society, you can trace almost every cui bono back to dollars. Think it through.

Watch the news. Listen for what they're (the media, the government, those in power) not telling you. And ask yourself... who benefits?

Keep asking.

What you figure out when you use your brain, or do your own research, might surprise you. Trust yourself, because the truth is, you're probably pretty damn smart. At least smart enough to figure out who benefits.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, darklings. And if you haven't done so already, don't forget to check out my latest release, DeVante's Children, available for kindle at Amazon and in all ebook formats at Smashwords. Hopefully all formats are pretty and typo-free at this point! And reviews - I would adore you to the end of eternity if you'd leave reviews at Amazon, Smashwords, or Goodreads. Thanks much!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SM Johnson ~ DeVante's Children ~ ON SALE NOW!

Whoo-hoo, here we go!

Good evening, Darklings!

Are you ready? Because I sure the fuck AM READY!

DeVante's Children (Revamped)

is ON SALE RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE at Smashwords, and should be on sale within a few hours at Amazon, and I am so, so so excited!

"Gay people are perverts."

That's what eighteen year old Daniel Winthrop hears as his father kicks him out of the house. And even though Daniel knows his dad is being unreasonable, he has plenty of his own questions on the subject. 

But when Daniel’s first lover, Roderick, claims to be a vampire and attacks him with such cruelty there could be no other explanation, Daniel realizes there are stranger things in the world than men who love men…

92,000 words (approx 300 pages), Gay paranormal romance, M/M

(free with coupon code GW84K until June 10, 2015)

I want to reward those of you who follow my blog and are around for news of new releases by offering coupons for Smashwords, so for the first week of a new release, you can get the book for free. Just follow the Smashwords link or search for DeVante's Children or SM Johnson at, add the book to your cart, and at check out enter coupon code GW84K. Then you will either be brought to the download page or offered a link to the download page and you can download the book in whichever format you prefer. Mobi files work for kindle and epub for Nook, and I think PDF works for most digital readers, as well. I don't know much about Nook readers, but I know my kindle has an email address and I can easily email Smashwords .mobi files to my kindle, so I don't have to sideload with a USB cable to transfer in order to read, which is pretty damn sweet.

And guys - it would be fantastic if you could find a minute or five to post (honest) reviews on Smashwords, Goodreads, and/or Amazon. I would be so eternally grateful, and they help so very very much, even just a few words, doesn't have to be fancy.

I'm hoping to work out my snafus with CreateSpace and have this title available in paperback before the end of the summer. No promises, but I will definitely try.

Now... let me take a minute to address one more time the fact that this title is "revamped". This baby has been through a sweeping re-write, not just little tweaks and twinges, but a gigantic overhaul with my in-person writer's group, and has involved huge cuts and rewriting of new scenes, deepening of characterization and relationships between characters. It's been a lot of work, and a lot of fun, and it's not at all the same book that it was. It's better.

Happy reading, darklings!

PS - there are a couple of file glitches (sudden font size changes -wtf?) in the Smashwords version which will hopefully be worked out in the next day or so. Bear with me. Oh joy.